Rescue Group

At Veterinarians Dental we work with several local rescue groups, providing general vetting and dental treatment for their foster animals in preparation for adoption.  We provide these services at a substantial discount to the rescue groups.  We are always looking to assist area rescue groups with their new foster animals.  Please call us at 972-385-8400 for more information.

Veterinarians Dental has not only helped us rescue and save more dachshunds, but there are no boundaries to their mission to care for animals.  They  have given of their professional and personal talents in saving animal lives.   We could not operate as effectively without Veterinarians Dental help.

~ Kelly Parsons, Volunteer and Treasurer, Dachshund Lover’s of Texas

Veterinarians Dental has been extremely supportive of our rescue program.  They are nice people who are always professional, helpful and available.  It’s been great to have them on our side.

~ Poodle Rescue of North Texas

Veterinarians Dental has been a real friend to our rescue pugs.  To date they have provided dental cleanings to 30 of our rescue pugs.  Many of these pugs may have gone their whole lives without dental care, which impacts their overall health. Thanks to Veterinarians Dental, these rescue pugs will have longer, healthier lives, not to mention they feel much better!

~ DFW Pug Rescue Club

We have been so excited to partner with Veterinarians Dental.  They have been wonderful to our rescue dogs and in just a few months have already helped many of them in the DFW area!  It is clear the doctors and staff are personally vested in the outcomes and comfort of their patients and take them into their hearts.  We couldn’t do it without them!

~ All Texas Dachshund Rescue 

I’m singing their efforts to everyone I can!

~ Kris Scally, Luv Em’ 4 Life Companion Animal Rescue
Luv’em 4 Life Companion Animal Rescue 

The happy “tail” of DFW Pug Rescue Club’s Queen Sasha

Queen Sasha thoroughly examines the doctor

A Before and After Story

Hi, I’m Queen Sasha and this is my before and after story. When I came to rescue, my teeth were hurting so much I would not let anyone touch my face or come near me without telling them what I thought about it. Thanks to the donations of some kind folks through the Tooth Fairy program last month, enough money was found to get me to the tooth doctor. I had a tumor and some bad teeth removed, and today I am carrying around chewies and toys like a puppy again. Best of all, I give kisses and don’t mind a bit if someone touches my mouth any more. I feel like a whole new me!

Queen Sasha after dental surgery with a chewy